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They are trained in the care of children

Flexible schedules

More economical than a typical babysitting service

Means having a foreign-language teacher at home

Able to collaborate with light tasks in the house


Able to drive vehicles

Helps with the children's homework, exams and general activities

She's a playmate for the children or also for any grandparents who need care


Speak fluently the native language of the country of residence and as the first language at home

Have a separate room with minimum necessary amenities

Full board for the au pair, during his/her entire stay

Respect the work schedule of the au pair and do not exceed the agreed tasks

Perform a preliminary interview with Au Pair Adventure and present the complete documentation

Open mentality, tolerance and rapid adaptation to other cultures


Receive the au pair at home, as a member of the family, with love and respect

Patience and love to help the au pair to practice a new language

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