What's an AuPair?

It's a French word used to describe a student temporarily hosted by a family in exchange for a job as a babysitter; this person lives with the host family as a member of it.

What's a host family?

It's a family that hosts the AuPair and gives them a job.

When is a candidate eligible?

When one is between 18 and 29 years old, has finished high school, has an intermediate skill level of a foreign language, is in good health with no criminal record, has a valid passport, has experience in child care and has a driving license. If you miss any of these requirements do not worry, they can be worked on and obtained before the trip.

Why hire an agency?

In the case of the United States, agencies are designated by the Department of State and an AuPair cannot enter the USA without going through an agency. For other countries there is no restriction, but the agencies can give you support, security, and the possibility to change your host family if needed.

Is working as an AuPair the right choice?

If you like babysitting, want to know another culture, like travelling and learning a new language then this is the best program for you. This intercultural exchange is one of the best programs available given the many benefits offered when compared to other programs.

Will I be accepted to participate if my only experience is in baby-sitting?

Yes, because this is one of the requirements, but it depends on the number of hours of experience and the country your are applying for.

Can the program be extended?

It depends on the type of program and the country.

Can I choose the city where I am going to live?

Yes, but there are no guarantees and it will be more difficult to find a host-family match for you. The more flexible you are, the better your possibilities will be.

What should I take into account when working as AuPair?

That the program is not a game and that looking after children elsewhere in the world is a big responsibility.

If I have more experience or work with more than 3 children, will I get more money?

No. Your salary is established by the government of the country you will go to.

Will I need to get an international driver's license?

Not necessarily. Not every country asks for a driver's license but many families request it, so having one gives you a better chance of finding a family.

Will I have to clean the house and performe other home chores?

Yes, you will need to help with small things.

May I look for an additional job?

No. You can only do the work as specified in the AuPair visa.

Can I take care of disable children?

Yes, but you will need to be experienced. It also depends on the type of disability.

What are the ages of the children I'll look after?

You can care for children aged 3 months old up to 16 years old.

Which type of health insurance is provided?

A basic health insurance that does not cover pre existent conditions. It's designed to cover emergencies.

How much money do I need for the trip?

It depends on the country of destination, but basically U$S 50 and U$S 300 will be enough.

What is the Orientation Course?

Some countries or agencies have an Orientation Course before the beginning of the AuPair program.

What topics are covered at Orientation?

Responsibilities of host families and applicants, special requirements for child care, health insurance, local information, problem solving, holidays, customs, phone bills, punctuality and first aid.

May I work for more than one employer?

No, because the visa you are given only allows you to work as an AuPair for a single employer only.

Can the agency guarantee the J-1 visa?

No. The decision to grant the visa depends exclusively on the US immigrations office.

How is the family selection process?

It is regulated by the government of the country of choice. The families must be citizens or legal permanent residents, must be fluent in the local language, must be interviewed by the local agency, must provide their criminal history and employment references, have certified funds and certificates of good health. They must understand the cultural exchange program, its parameters and the obligations and rights of the participants.

In which country is there higher demand for AuPairs?

The United States and France. Followed by Germany and Holland.

Can the candidates travel during the exchange period?

Yes, they can travel during their free time.

Will I have time to travel after the exchange year?

Depending on the country of choice the immigration office gives an extra 30 days for participants to travel.

What happens if, upon reaching the host country, I have a problem?

You must contact the local coordinator or your advisor in your home country.