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意大利锡拉库扎的经历。 2014年9月


The experience I lived as Au Pair in Italy was quite particular.

Why did I choose Italy?


This beautiful country is the place where my grandfather was born, and for me, it represents something very important, him. I wanted to come to visit the place where he was born and lived, his customs and his language.


But I got a big surprise when I met this American family, Michael and Rheya (four years old). I chose to live this experience as an excellent opportunity to learn two cultures and languages ​​at the same time.


I moved to the south of Italy, more precisely to Sicily, with this beautiful family, which, from the moment I arrived, made me feel part of them, helping me to learn their language, teaching me constantly, with affection and patience. But they also were very open to learn many customs of my country, such as food.


In the morning I traveled to the center of Catania to take to some classes at the University, in order to improve my Italian and make friends. In the afternoon, when Rheya came home from school, I helped her with homework, made dinner, played games, helped her with bath, and read a stories to her before going to sleep.


We have traveled together to many places in Sicily and outside the country, to Paris / Euro Disney and to the United States. They were incredible experiences that I will never forget.


I think it is worth living the Au Pair experience, and trusting that many people in the company we choose are with us to support us from the beginning, advising us about all the new things that we are going to live.

Carolina - 阿根廷门多萨



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